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Piotr Paweł Pietrzak

I am a man from solving human problems of different nature 😉

I was born in Poland 12.12.1990. In childhood at school I was punished for talking. Today it turned up as my big advantage, as I conduct successful business negotiations on international market.

My passion is web development. I organize marketing and IT projects to support promotions of known companies like Antwerp City Hostel. I’m sure that in today’s busy world, making the structure of the website will help people in finding their true goals in life and make their life’s more joyful, fun and successful. My dream is to become one of the most credible website providers across the world.

I like sport. I trained with Scott Adkins! Occasionally I rap with Eminem… on youtube, and I know he deserves a better website!


Accelerate innovation by uncovering your advantages and transforming them into success!


Inspirations and new opportunities to grow your business through smart advertisement.


Wisely crafted projects to support your credibility and reliability on the market.


I have years of experience on international market with many satisfied customers.


I collaborate with a teams of passionate specialists in Marketing and Information Technology.


Each client has our support not only during the project, but also after the project is finished.

  • Makes Life Easier

    Put the answers to frequently asked questions, your customers will appreciate the knowledge that you will be providing them.

  • Makes Business Attractive

    Wisely crafted project presents your main benefits and fulfils various of technical solutions required by the world.

  • Increases Your Credability

    Attractive web design, relevant content combined with strategic vision increases visitors satisfaction and your credibility.

  • Creates New Opportunities

    Nowadays websites are more often used as a tool for quick and easy communication with a client. Let your website speak for you!

  • Supports Social Media

    The power of Social Media is great to reach your clients, and when you get their attention, increase your credibility with intelligent website.

  • Increases Marketing Potential

    Not everybody is on social media, but everybody’s on Google. Search engines provide variety of ad-words that help you promote your business.