Peter Paul Pietrzak

Also known as Polluck, Website Pol, Virtual P

In my life I have been participating in many interesting international projects, were I was learning human ethics and attitude towards business from people from all walks of life. I realize that no partnership can long endure, unless built upon truth and justice. That’s why I have only participated in transactions which benefit all whom it affects.

2014 I graduated from Polish Japanese Institute of Information Technology with direction of IT Project Management. At this time I have begun designing my first websites using html, css, and javascript. I have also found out more efficient way to produce websites at the level I wanted to provide my services, so I started using WordPress and became specialist in this software.

2014-2016 I decided to learn about economy and took up master studies at University of Warsaw with direction of International Economics. After first year I received a pass to go for Erasmus program and finished my studies at University of Antwerp with International Marketing speciality.

2016-2019 For the next 4 years of my life I decided to stay in Antwerp to explore totally different lifestyle as freelancer who was participating in interesting undertakings. I was developing my knowledge about psychology, business, expanding my marketing and IT skills. I have delivered many website projects while managing a small group of people working with me through the Internet. I was happy when my projects were bringing additional values to some of my clients. For example, by designing marketing strategy Antwerp City Hostel we have obtained a plan which resulted in positive business negotiations with some of Antwerp attractions.

2019 – now after 28 years of age and 7 as a freelancer without any marketing despite freestyle and intuition I have decided to structure define my project and find new opportunities for development. My brainstorm was simple, since I do come from Poland then my nickname is Polluck, and since I like playing with words and its meanings, I decided to Polish Your Website! Eventually the name of my project is “Polluck Polish My Website!”

I got the right team, ethics, sense of humour, experience and burning desire to support people and assist them in developing their business by providing canny and functional IT tools, which are based on wise marketing strategies. Every project is different, one can desire basic or comprehensive website, second a shop website, third an artistic website and the last one the next level website where the visitor will have a true experience. The choice are up to you, but still in the end… IT just works!

See you at laptop.

Peter Paul